About us

A member of the Platform can become any association that complies with the Law of Associations, or other non-governmental non-profit organization if it accepts this Statute under the conditions laid down by the Statute and the law.

A member of the Platform can become non-governmental and non-partisan organization if acting on Croatian territory.

Membership in the Platform can be full membership or observational membership.

All legal and physical persons that are not covered by membership can become partners of the Platform by signing an agreement on partnership cooperation which includes the preparation and implementation of joint program activities, with the right to participate in the work of the Platform's bodies and in the processes of strategic planning and programming, without the possibility of making the decisions that can Maganing Board or the Assembly are supposed to make.

Bodies of the Platform are:

1. Assembly

2. Managing Board

President of the Managing Board of CROSOL is Toni Vidan (Zelena akcija).

Members of the Steering Board are: Toni Vidan (Zelena akcija), Lana Jurman (Center for Peace Studies) and Ana Roksandić (Center for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights - Osijek).